Monday, 5 August 2013

Naturalite Skylights

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The Energy Efficient Naturalite Skylights - Saving Money On Your Heating And Cooling

Naturalite Skylights are one of the quickest and easiest ways to make any room of your home lighter and brighter, adding an open and airy feeling. Ventilating skylights are excellent for kitchens or bathrooms. In addition to providing extra light, they also open. This overhead ventilation creates an updraft. Ventilated skylights can be operated by several means: Controlled by temperature sensor, Remote control, Electric on/off wall switch, Manual or motorized hand crank.

Naturalite Skylight can be installed in any room of a single story house or the upper most rooms near the roof in a multiple story house.The planning for a skylight begins when you feel the need for more sunlight within the house. The thought of cutting a hole in the roof often discourages a person from using the option of having a skylight, but these thoughts are ill founded. Actually, installing a skylight is easier than installing a window. Most skylights come with flashing systems that will seal the roof effectively.

Essentially, skylights are windows installed in the roof. Sunlight naturally filters through the opening into the room, lending not only warmth, but also the perfect alternative to artificial lighting during daylight hours.

Skylights add an open and airy feeling to any home. Kitchens and living rooms are always popular rooms for skylight installations, but bathrooms are slowly gaining in popularity. Added privacy and warmth during the colder months are wonderful benefits of the addition of a skylight in any size bathroom.

For those with a green thumb, Naturalite skylight provide a bright and naturally lit environment, which helps plants thrive indoors. This saves the homeowner money since they don't need to invest in artificial lighting for their plants.Make certain you include the cost of skylight coverings (blinds) when you consider the total investment. They are crucial for increasing energy efficiency in your home. Direct sunlight into the home is wonderful throughout a winter day, but in the summer, it's just as important to control the amount of sunlight entering the home so it is cooled efficiently. Blinds or darkening shades that are custom-fitted for your skylights will ensure that you control the amount of heating and cooling your home requires on any given day. There are also tints that can be applied to the skylight to help control the amount of sunlight entering the room. Either of these options enables you to save money while keeping your home at a consistently comfortable temperature in every season.

It's always best to have a Naturalite professional install your skylight to make sure it is sealed and fitted correctly. They'll be able to tell you which skylight size and type is the most energy efficient skylight for each room in your home.They'll also tell you what location is the best for skylight installation. It is always a good idea to obtain references from other homeowners who have had skylights installed.If you demand exceptional quality and on-time delivery for your custom skylight system, all it takes is one call to Naturalite Skylight Systems.Skylights have energy performance ratings, which are based on the design of your home and on the climate in which you reside.

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